Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Missing you too!

Bad Angela! I have been away too long!!!! I have a ton of stuff going on with the building my businesses! My online store is going well. Check me out on Ebay: stores.ebay.com/LIQUIDBLACK-STYLES . I am on a few other platforms like Bonanza, Etsy and Amazon! Additionally, I gained a new Loc client! I am stoked about that! I have just been plugging away trying to build the empire that I was always meant to have. The only thing that has been consistent and non-chaotic has been my hair.

I love these Loc knots. I will do them pretty much every time I re-twist my hair now. They have stayed for going on two weeks now and they still look gorgeous but alas, *sigh* I must wash my hair so they will be gone this weekend. I found the tutorial online via Chescalocs and You tube :Chescalocs Loc Knots . It will change your life! This method works on all hair types. My co-worker tried it on her hair and she has loose natural hair and it worked great. I love the 2-n-1 style (not to mention when the curls are setting it gets all the hair off my back and some of neck which can be HIGHLY irritating in the summer months) and I love the awesome staying power of these curls. I didn't use any product besides what I was using to twist the top. At night I pile my hair on top of my head and knock out. (No...I don't usually tie my hair up with a scarf or anyhting...I know Bad Angela!)

 The style when its setting

 2nd day Curls

 Curly Bun

1 week Curls in!!!

To switch gears I would like to thank FREE THINK HER for featuring my post on their Dope site! You can find my reflection here. Its the same one that is on my blog but you really should check the site out.

Guys!!!!!!  I would REALLY appreciate, comments, questions, suggestions so I know what you guys are thinking and what you want me to talk about! I want to make sure that I am doing content that you are interested in. This Blog has a lot of topics: Life, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Business, Locs, Addiction but I can only cater to you as a reader if you tell me what you like! Thank you for sticking in there with me! You're Awesome!

Stay Fluid,