Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I got Kiss, I got Jem...but its just me. I like to be different...conventional is so overrated. My sister and I adventured out to Portland, Oregon for #Briqhouse Burlesque performance at a venue called Crush. It was a definite treat! We painted the town black after and between midnight and 3 a.m. I had already hit my 10,000 steps for the day. I was in sooo much pain! I had leg day the morning before I went out. I just started lifting again so I had a point to prove to myself...which apparently I found out after a night of entertainment and dancing, was less 'I am a beast' and more 'sh*t I'm getting old'... The event Burlesque show was beautiful. None of the womens' bodies were what media portrays as perfection but the way they moved celebrated a deep self love. I was inspired. While performing may not necessarily be something that I want to add to my long list of life experiences, I do want to have that level of confidence. Yes, I want to achieve a self love and confidence that is so immense I would be happy to perform practically naked on the stage of life. Give a whole new meaning to #LocStar :)  Thank you for your inspiration ladies!
Jem would have stayed in theaters full term if I'd a stared in it...js

lips: NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

Kara #5 lashes (my new faves and there only $1) #ShopMissA

 Yes my secret is suppose to be out lmao

My fly sister and me! 

#30 is definitely a different ball game. I have come in to myself so much more. I am striving for improvement always but I am so much more satiated with 'me'! What I need to work on continuously is my confidence and not caring what other people might say or think. 18 years of habit is hard to break and I have only been consistently working on changing my thinking for a few years. Ne*who, please remember if you go out dancing after leg day please have a seat ...1000 of them....then look over because I'm sitting right next to you...
Downtown Portland: This guy had major swag though lmao just posted up on the tree 

My Sister and Me!!!