Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't Call it a Come Back...

Hello My Beloved readers,

I'm posting on this gloriously sunny Spring Day to talk about my locs. I am trying a bantu knot style. I have been incorporating more 90's style elements into my look and this touches this category, natural style and afro-centric style elements. But don't call it a come back...90s style elements (whether beauty or fashion) never left in my opinion! I like the result but they turned out more like little buns than knots. I used six locs per knot and didn't need anything to secure them. It was super simple and paired with a naked eye, dark lip and huge hoops, it took me back to the 90s. I will modify them next time though so they will look more like knots!
I love styles like these because they are two in one.When I take the 'knots' down my hair will be have a nice wave. For a lazy girl like me this is wonderful! I will spend time on my make up but I am not big into complicated or time consuming hair styles. I weigh the time it takes to complete with how long the style last. This style gets meets the grade and will now be in my rotation. I will post the wave results soon!

Stay Fluid,


Lipstick: Mac Haute Couture

Princess Leah lol! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mrs. Doubtfire

I have some lofty monetary gains goals for this year and as it approaches the half way mark of the year (yes only about 45 more days away), I cringe. Yet, this time I am not going to let Mrs.Doubtfire emerge. I am going to continue to believe and not count out the fact that I a might be a late 'green' bloomer. Usually my depressive, doubtful, self-sabotaging diva Debbie Downer Doubtfire emerges. But no more! I know that I can accomplish my financial goals for this year.
Most of you have heard of the documentary "The Secret'...If you haven't, go watch's on NetFlix...I'll wait....I need to focus on the law of attraction and most importantly staying positive. After, I finally gave in to Oprah's and a good friend's recommendation to watch this documentary just a about a month ago, I was completely and utterly shocked. It wasn't nearly as corny as I thought it was going to be. I found a lot of truth in it actually. The more I focused on my goals each day, the more ideas flowed within me to reach them. I started to get on track and I had so many things on my mind I couldn't sleep.
Unfortunately, sleep is necessary for my mental health, so this last couple of weeks I have been a bit off on the whole goal accomplishing thing. I could choose to stay off track (as I normally would) but 2015 is my year and I refuse!!! I sit her on a Saturday, posting on my blog. A blog that I have been trying to post to consistently on for years! Now, I am making strides at doing so. I also running a few of my own businesses and have almost completed my business plan for my non profit. Success is eminent with hard work and positivity.
I am not going to lie...this is where I usually hit my wall. I start doubting that I can accomplish my goals, that I can go above and beyond...I mean what makes me so special? Do I even deserve it? Yet, you know what?!?!? If I don't, my son does and my family members who have always been there for me do!Forgive me, I am working in counseling on self-love but until I actualize that, the love of money is enough to drive me to my success...

Stay Fluid,


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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Switch

My favorite saying right now is "The struggle is real..." and that is the underlying theme of my life.

I have been told that I have a switch. No, not the switch your Grandma tells you to pick out from the tree in the yard when you've been acting up. My switch is like a light switch. It pertains more to relationships. Especially intimate ones. I can be in love, so in love one minute and the next minute I'm turned off. However, unlike a light switch I don't get turned back on. For example, say I am romantically involved with you and I am in love. I will change my whole life for you and do almost anything for you. One day though, I might wake up and look at you in disgust. Now!Wait! Before you judge or flee in fear...I can't say that these feelings or lack there of are not tied to actual events that occurred in the relationship because they may be. If that is the case, the change in my emotions never happens instantly after an event occurs but occurs in an instant later down the road.For instance, I have stayed with a cheater still desperately in love and it wasn't until months later that i woke up, looked at him and felt nothing. After months of crying and running after this ninja, staying with him and taking care of him in every way, I woke up emotionless and itching to get away. Trembling with dread at the thought of his touch. Now, I am not going to say that I wouldn't be friends with a person that I have 'flipped off' but there is just no going back to that first love I gave. I no longer have 'romantic' love type feelings for them though I may have love for them
Ultimately, I ask the question have I ever really been in love? You have to love yourself first in order to love someone else. So when it comes to me, this question has real meaning. I am in the process of learning to love myself. I also am moving on from settling. Due to my extreme lack of self confidence issues, I often settle for those who like me because I am afraid there will be no one else. I don't think that I deserve my ideal man or even a man who truly treats me well. Thank God for therapy.
I hope is to apply this principal of a switch on other areas namely my addictions (well at least the more harmful ones). If I could just flip the switch on a few of these horrendous addictions then I believe by the end of this year, I will be able to meet all my goals. I have given up smoking to start and there are two others I must tackle. However, I am only going to hit the switches (lmao) one at a time.

Stay Fluid,


Happy Easter!!!