Friday, May 20, 2011

A little less than nautical...

Sunglasses and Top: Nordstroms Pants: Wet Seal
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

My beloved followers,

I am sorry that I have been gone for soooo long. When life gets hectic it can really take you away from what u love to do! I have a new found confidence that this blog will remain a priority of mine. My goal is to post at least two times a week. I just picked up a new 9-5 type and still am going to try to grow this business on the side. Now to the important stuff...

My  outfit was inspired by a bathing suit I saw in Vicky's last year...that I own...( I know so last season lol!) But I thought this take on it the blue and orange nautical nonsense was refreshing. I was about to dine with my friends at the South Hill Twigs! One of my fave restaurants! And with an outfit this juicy I had to sip on a Peach Red Mojito! Yummm!!!  And of course I love love the wedges! Well, in the famous words of the infamous actor-politician Arnold "I'll be back!" seriously this time!

Stay Fluid,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegas Baby!!!

Dress and Earrings: Wet Seal
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

I am sorry that I have not posted in awhile! I am in the process of restructuring my blog and my life! I hope you missed me! Well one of the things I did while I was away was Vegas. For my sister's bday I flew us out and we stayed at the MGM Grand! My fave outfit of the two day stay was the dress shown above. The skin-tone shoes make my legs look extended. I had such a blast there and great news!!! I picked up some Michael Kors aviators!!! Gold of course! I am finally back with a pair of quality avaitors and like my leporad print and my feather earrings look for them to be appearing often in outfits... :) I was unsuccesful on my Vegas shoe scour however :(.  I will be back as sure as rain in Seattle! I loved it there!
I hope to post more regularly starting next week! Thanks for sticking with me!

Stay Fluid,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tribal Brilliance

Dress: Macys Shoes and Clutch: Nordstroms
Earrings and Belt:Wet Seal

I am closer to finding a go-to dress! I love this one and it has the fun and flair for a  girls night out, it can be dressed for office, dinner date potential but for the perfect go-to dress I require that I can run my errands on the weekend in it and not be entirely ostentatious...However, I love this dress and it is one of my faves. Here I am full force with color and it's not a bad thing. It's pleasing to my eye at least...I think that the black background of the dress and the shoes anchor the color. I accented with pops of purple (my fave color in general) and red! The result a multi-colored attention getter that was perfect for a night of Latin Dancing! Although, I hope this outfit was enough to keep the focus on my dress and away from any of my actual salsa dancing abilities...

Stay Fluid,


Monday, March 14, 2011

Payless, Pantless its all the same...

Tank: Macys Vest and Pants: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Nordys Scraf: Express

I know, I know I am wearing pants!!! For those you who know me pants aren't my usual forte. I opt for leggings, skirts, dresses but when I pulled these 'season inappropriate' pants out of my closet and drum roll please.....they actually fit!! I couldn't help but think of the possibilities with incorporating more pants into my wardrobe. Christie fits from Vickys are my fave fit and when I was trimmer I wore them with fervor! This outfit roars for Spring and oddly enough the vest is Vickys (Victoria Secrets) too! I think a pop of color and a splash of leopard does the body good...

Stay Fluid,


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ashy Rose

Shirt: Macys, Leggings: Kmart
Necklaces: Maurices and Wet Seal Purse: Coach
Shoes: ShoeDazzle Rocker

The combination of light pink and grey is so classic you cant really go wrong. Its a muted feminine wonder and since I don't lend myself to ultra fem and girly it fits me perfect! It gives me a my hit of pink without feeling like I am channeling a Barbie. The yellow polish on my toes (Electric Maybeline Top Speed) puts my signature pop of color and adds toughness to my ensemble. It was featured in one of my fashion bibles as a must have Spring beauty product! I am a fan...but dont ask my sister what she thinks about yellow polish...It could get ugly...

I also HAVE TO Give a shout out to Maybeline for there 24hr color Day to Night Brown! Definitely a new favorite of mine! And oh I am loyal to my fav beauty! Lightbulb!!! I am going to do a blog on my fave beauty! FUN!!! Look for it coming soon!

Stay Fluid,


Monday, March 7, 2011

Eggplant Animal

If its not blatantly obvious I am in love with animal print...especially cheetah!!! Its definitely a neutral to me! For all you nay-sayers I am dedicated to converting you! I have to admit it took me over a year before I actually wore this sweater and unleashed my inner lioness. However, once I strutted in my fur (faux) collar and cuffs I felt regal. That maybe the reason for the purple tights. I hope though that this is the last winter-ish outfit I have to wear!

Look out next time for a beauty spotlight! Heck i might do two blogs tomorrow...ok, ok I am most likely lying but its the thought that counts?!?

Stay Fluid,


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee!!

Jacket- Macys, Blouse- Kmart, Tank-Forever 21, Vest- Thrifted, Jeans-Wet Seal
And those suede pink platform heels- Calvin Klien- Nordstroms

Among the semblance that I call a life, I have realized that I may have seasonal blues! I still sleeping hoping that in the morning, I will wake up to the music of Spring. Sun! Where are you? Newhoser last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending most of the all day Spokane's Top Model photo shoot!! I got some awesome behind the scenes footage!!! Unfortunately, I have to wait to post the photos and videos but don't worry it will be well worth it!

For those of you who tried the DIYDS, remember to use fabric glue! It is essential!!! I accidentally took a picture of Tacky glue! LOL! Oh.... I am so special.  There will be another DIYDS coming up this week so look for it!

As for the outfit I am wearing above...It is my cry for spring. I'm hoping that the more I incorporate spring in to my attire the sooner it will come. Please, don't break my illusion! We all have dreams, however small they maybe...

Stay Fluid,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday: DIY: Chain me to it!!!

Before $10 flats

About $5 worth of stuff =

This new section I am working on is about reinventing pieces in your wardrobe! Do it yourself allows you to update your wardrobe by using pieces in it and revamping them or making pieces for less! You will always end up with a piece unique to you because no two are exactly the same. I am getting some ideas and inspiration from Instyle mag's diy guru Jenni Radosevich. Check her out! For this project I took a pair of Wal-mezzy (Walmart) flats that I hadn't worn in ages and gave them a new appeal. I added some chain link detail using a role of chain,pliers, and clear glue I got from Wally's World (Walmart). The flats now catch my eye with a current trend of chain detailing and brings out the animal scalin' of the red flat!! It was quick, easy and I can't wait to try my hand at more!

Stay Fluid,


Thursday, February 17, 2011

SGS: Inna Mishin

I am seeing soo much style on SCC campus that it is beginning to get a little ridiculous!!! I am sorry I have been a way, my growing fan base. I had a minor conversation with concrete but of course to get close enough to talk to Mr. Cement I had to fall from nine feet up...long story... Newhoser! Let's talk fashion!! I ran in to Inna who is dressed fabulously while walking to the student center on SCC campus; instantly I was in love with her outfit! Her boots are Forever 21!! Her outfit was put together with a theme of brown leather-look accessories. The pearl necklace accents her beautiful blouse and the brown boots give her dainty look a more outdoorsy feel! I say she is ready to take the day by storm!

Stay Fluid,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Spokane's Top Model: Nicole Hiett

We tried the white hat...

But decided to go with the gray page boi cap (Mall kiosk in fed way)

The socks and tank (Macys), The shoes are Shoe Dazzle,  Jean vest (wet seal)

I don't think my sister needs a competition to tell her what I already know! She is gorgeous, intelligent and most importantly very well dressed! LOL! As her a personal stylist and make-up guru I am proud to show you the outfit we picked for the auditions last Saturday. The competition coming up in April. It is a competition for models, boutiques and salons and it is def a must see!!! Check out: STM for more info!!!

Stay Fluid,


Saturday, February 5, 2011

SGS: Ms.Rambo : Puttin' a little Spring in her Step

How awesome is the last name Rambo? Chloe I have to give it to you! You definitely fulfilled my search for other people who may be putting a little Spring in their winter outfits... Thanks Ms Rambo, you hit the mark without a stutter! I love the effortless tact of this outfit! It features a brown belted crisp white shirt! A open front slightly-bell sleeved foresty green sweater layers over it in a equestrian reminiscent way. The heather gray cap tops golden free flowing waves and that killer gold bauble necklace with chain detailing (totally hot this coming Spring) contrast beautifully and it can be snagged at Forever 21. I love the concept of the 'not so skinny' skinny jean. It is more universally flattering than the ones that look painted on. These jeans help keep a relaxed feel to the entire outfit.  Now for those just getting to know me, I love animal print. Especially leopard! So those flats act like a neutral to me but better! I have to say Cloe successfully mixed textures, played with prints an flirted with Spring! You gotta love Spokane cause we've got style!!!!

To Take Ms. Rambo's outfit to Night battle (Sorry couldn't resist):

Switch the flats to platformed pumps and keep the cheetah theme! Try Iona from ShoeDazzle (currently on the home page) Iona.

And take the carry-all and swap it for an over-sized clutch! Try this saccharine BCBGMAXAZRIA reversible clutch. Its so adorable! BCBGMAXAZARIA

This alternative for later hour affairs keeps the effortlessness look but steps it up so u never feel under-garmented...

Stay Fluid,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Floral is coming back at ya

I love this orange sherbet colored top!The floral detailing on the back is adorable!!! It was on the clearance rack at Macy's for $3.99! I added a grey belt at the smallest part of my body to create shape to this otherwise loose fitting top. Underneath is a nifty long sleeve grey shirt that's semi-sheer (also on clearance at Macy's $8). I have dark denim skinny jeans on and gray slouchy ankle boots (boots: Kmart).  Plumage is really in this coming season so I added fun turquoise-y blue feather earrings. I know I have been rockin' a lot of caps lately, this one I snagged from Kmart. It's a combination of the cold weather and a much needed hair appointment (This Saturday at Mo' Stylez! Thanks Darci) that's causing me to do so!!!I can't wait for Spring, so I am slippin a lil' in while I anticipate...I think everyone is right now!! So watch out Spokane! I will be looking for the next SGS to feature someone who is slipping a little Spring into their winter wardrobe...

Stay Fluid,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spokane's Got Style: Serita- Head of the Class

Layering is not the only way to stay warm this winter! Strolling SCC, I spotted Serita on her way to class. Serita is an excellent example of simplicity! Her outfit has a simple color palette but is still makes waves. The long sleeved-sweater dress (Forever 21 around $14) elongates the torso while showcasing a sexy peep of  back. The belt (Payless $6)is strategically placed to add curves to the hip and rear view... The black tights and necklace (Walmart $3 and $5 respectively) accessorize and add a deeper (more dressy) dimension to the outfit.! She tops this outfit off with some knee high black boots (Sears $60). This is a savvy fashion friendly outfit on a student budget! Thanks Serita!! Let's keep making Spokane outfit at a time!!!

To take this look from classroom to extracurricular activities...

 Add a purse like the Belgrade from ShoeDazzle. It will add just a little color. It's a quilted blue and oh so divine!!! Belgrade

Switch the knee high boot to a bootie to elongate the legs and even-out the sillohette. A great example is the Viola from ShoeDazzle! Viola

Add a chunky bracelet or two and you've truly done your homework!!!

Stay Fluid,

Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside!!

While I a was tempted to roll out the bed and throw every layer of clothing that I have in my closet on, I decided that the Michelin Man look was not so flattering.... Ladies it's time to layer, but don't get me wrong we still have to look fly! Here I took two of my fave skirts the school girl-frayed grey (wet seal) and my black bubble mini (express) and layered them for tiered effect. I took a 3/4 length shirt, this sleeve length flatters pretty much anyone btw (by glee from macys) and layered over a mustard yellow vest (a present to me). Add a a page-boi style grey cap (mall kiosk) and a grey scarf that complements my shirt and skirt and we are almost there!!! Now, I know, you know, that I am not leaving the house in this weather, in a skirt, without stockings!!! Gray opaque stockings and knee high red socks topped off with black scrunchie boots (kmart) keep me warm! This is layering! Fashion that is functional! I love it! Warm and Cute do not have to be disjointed sets! So stay warm and hot this week because well Baby it's cold outside!!!

Coming soon: Spokane's Got Style- where I spot you in a look i love and you get featured!!!

Stay Fluid,


Sunday, January 30, 2011

This look is not just for the thin...

I have recently envied when turning through the pages of Victoria Secret, the model in the belly bearing bustier. Since there is no way in God's green earth I will be showing my belly anytime soon. I had to do some quick thinking...Wearing a bustier is...well sexy...I always like to play with something that is meant to be one thing and contrast it with a complimentary or conflicting piece. In this outfit I took a sexy floral bustier (macys) and layered it over a  tough razor-back black tank (Vickys). I have a billed knit hat I scored from Kmart. I love to add a pop of color so I buckled a red belt on the thinnest part of me to enhance my curves and added red feather earrings (wet seal). I completed the look with skinny jeans (wet seal) and knee high boots (Steve Madden from Nordys). I look sexy, approachable and no one's running screaming because I didn't have to let Kujo (my belly) out!!!

 Stay Fluid,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This can be disastrous

    Or total genius. Mixing prints is very scary to take on but it comes out so beautiful and a little whimsical1!! I've attempted many different mix prints fits (outfits) and usually come out triumphant. In my opinion this trend is here to stay. This ensemble has a a plaid pattern fedora (kmart) with a silver buckle on the side...The top is meant to be a little over sized but not baggy. It has silver studs on the shoulders which i love (macys)!I chose this shirt because I wanted to wear a short, tight, animal-print skirt without looking like i was getting ready to stand out on Sprague.  I wore leggings with the gray cheetah print skirt that hails from Wet seal  to help stave off any signals that i might be for sale...
     I have a middle...don't worry I'm working on the skirt draws the eye down...The scarf is purple cheetah  (kmart) it is so fun and funky. And since i know you don't know me all that well yet, I will tell you I love shoes!!! It's an obsession of mine and one that I dont plan on trying to curb. :) Those bad boys with the buckles that mimics the ones on my hat are from Shoe Dazzle. Shoe of the month clubs are a tangent that I will go off on in a later blog...The resulting outfit is one that says I am fun, tough, and ready to play...

Stay Fluid,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring is all over the tip

of my tongue. I am so tired of the cold weather! Seriously! The one thing I dont think that any one can afford to be without this coming Spring is a trenchcoat!!! Neutrals are a srtong trend this season, but really a neutral trench is a classic piece that you are going to get so much use out of! This hits on some of my main style mantras.

Here are my three main mantras. 1.) If you can't turn a trend into a staple piece fufill the trend with smaller, low cost accessories. 2.) Know what your uniform is 3.) You can always look fabulous and you don't have to take out a second mortgage or sell your first born

Back to the trench...I myself am loving the ones that hit about three inches above the knee and are a little more taliored (almost a dress in and of themselves). Now the challenge is for me to find one that O can afford and trust me that isn't very much... I am allotting a $$$ because you will be able to reuse this piece for years with the proper care...Lucky for me and those like me who are truly broke I found this one for under forty !!!

Forever 21 TRENCH

Stay Fluid,