Saturday, August 31, 2013


Now, I saw this idea in Instyle mag and thought...its so simple, I've overlooked this outfit in  my closet. The pic of me standing up was taken by my four year old son FYI. He's such a big helper! But back to my outfit...the outfit in Instlye featured jean shorts, a white shirt, and a black blazer. I liked that it was polished and casual. Your footwear can define this outfit. A flat for errand running, a ankle bootie for a lunch date with friends or a high-heel for Happy hour. For my look I added a graphic long sleeve T. The graphic is suppose to be Marylin Monroe. Unfortunately, because of the size of my chest she looks distorted...major oversight on my part. I did not notice it until my sister clowned me when we were out to lunch. Gotta love family... At that point I though, great, Ive been walking around all day with a picasso-esque Marylin shirt. All in all though I like the outfit because it is appropriate for a lot of different occasions and you can pair it with a red lip. I am obssed with lipstick but especially red lips. I have ten...yes ten different red lipcolors. Take that look off your face... The one I am wearing in these pics is my go to red lip and one of my faves! Just so oyu know I only hoard when it comes to makeup, beauty and toiletries.....and I prefer to call it collecting and being prepared. Anywho! Next time I will be wearing a different shirt. Also, summer is ending :( so I will defianetly be switching the shorts out for jeans.

Stay Fluid,


Blazer- JcPenny
Shorts- Macys

Red Lips- Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD607
(Love this red!!! Must Try!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Something for Nothing!!! Recycling Pays...

Hello All! I am going to go through my empties that I have that I am returning to MAC for their recycle program. For those of you who live in a glam-less cave, the MAC recycle program allows you to bring 6 empties back to recycle and you get a free lipstick! I plan on getting "up the amp", "touch" or "candy yum yum"!!!! I'm so excited!!! I'm absolutely love lipstick more than America loves reality TV!!! I will post pics of which one I chose, once I pick it up.

The first beauty empty I want to talk about is the MAC makeup remover wipes. I will not be purchasing these again. I feel that baby wipes do a very similar job. The product is good for removing makeup but I still felt a strong urge to re-wash my face after and sometimes still had to use eye make-up remover. I have the same results with babywipes and you can guess which ones cheaper!

The next item is MAC fix plus. I liked this product. It is not my favorite make-up setter but works good as a hydrating mist before your treatment product and moisturizer. I do like the recycle program from MAC so I may purchase it again. Honestly, a better before moisturizer hydrater and/or make-up finisher is lavendar water. I get it at Super Supplements already in a spray bottle ready to go (I will post that empty when I run out pretty soon here). Plus the lavendar water is half the price. At the same price point as MAC, Clinque has a Moisture Surge spray that sets make-up, refreshes and is good to use before moisturizers as well. I love this product because it contains Caffeine. It really wakes up the skin!

The MAC concealer is not my favorite it is my second choice! It is a back-up to my Mary Kays concealor (Oprah loves it too.) I only buy MACs concealer if I am mistakingly forgot to order my Mary Kay and there will be a few days before it comes.

The liquid Mineralized foundation was a good product. I just don't really wear foundation. I am a concealor and (sometimes) tinted moisturizer kinda gal! I do want to start wearing a foundation though because ironically the older you get the less foundation you should wear and I want to take advantage of a flawless face before my foundation starts to set in lines (but of course I will never get those...). The only problem I had with this is that I was color-matched in the height of summer so the shade is too dark for my skin now.

OK!!! I do love MAC and I know Ive been hard on them so far. It is only because I think so highly of the brand and expect great things from this medium priced brand! I love, love, love MAC's Skinfinish Mineralized Powder in deep/dark. Its absolutely beautiful it sets make-up and gives you a lit from within glow. I absouletly cannot wait to re-purchase this item!!!!!
Finally, I have the Wonder Woman collection Mascara. NERD ALERT!!! I love Wonder Woman I bought three of the lipglosses and this mascara when the collection came out and would have bought more had they not sold-out in my pined for colors! I also have a lunchbox and watch Justice Leauge...wipe the grin of your have dorky secrets too...I just know it. All in All it was a fantastic mascara (though I could be a little biased because of the packaging) and I would defianetly purchase it again if it was available!!!! Thanks for listening!

Stay Fluid,


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vest Dressed

Out here in Seattle Area it is beginning to get midly depressing. The eighty-plus bright and sunny weather is giving way to cloudy with a chance of low-seventies. I have hope of sun for coming days but know in my heart that will fade soon. So what else is there to do but break out the layers?!? I belted and vested one of my go to comfy summer dresses and added a scarf. I donned the look with a heeled bootie but a flat would compliment just as well. I hate that you can't see the colors really well but I am working on the lighting/camera situation. The vest is double breasted, navy with a super thin pinstripe and the shoes are a leopard print with a snakeskin texture. It flows trust me ;0.
 Now, my readers know of my vanity so...why the missing head you ask? I have a dome full of perm rods right now. I haven't gone for the curly look on my locs in awhile and am not a big fan of dryers. With a no-makeup face and rollers I look like I should be sporting a moo-moo and drinking my fiber. I digress...I think this outfit is great for running errands and EEEK, transitioning to fall. I would have loved to worn a red lip with a mascara only on the eye and sectioned of a braid on either side to pull back and pin at the back of my head with the rest down but there's always another day Lord willing!

Stay Fluid,


Dress: K-mezzy (Kmart)
Vest: Gap (Scored at Goodwill)
Shoes: Macys

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Weirdo at the Lo-Fi in Seattle, WA!

Have you ever been gone out somewhere and realized you dressed for the wrong occasion? This is what happened to me last Saturday. Wanna hear it? Here it goes! My sister and I get a call about an event in Seattle, WA called Black Weirdo at a place called Lo-Fi and you know what they say if the shoe fits...So for our rare single-moms night out we get ready to mingle. Off top with the description from our close friend we think that this is a big hip-hop club night. She cautioned us to get there early and to be ready to stay late! Getting ready for us is an all day event. To be ready to leave by 10:00pm we have to literally start gettin ready at 5:00pm. Now wait! This is not a high maintianence thing! We have to orchestrate meals for the boys, babysitter, make sure to get a run in, spend QT time with the boys,etc. Well, my sis and I get ready like we are going to the club event of the season. I wore a dress that had a deep-V, short, belted at my smallest part with a wide belt and was fitted but not too snug (Gotta watch the love handles). The top of the dress was printed on the top black, grey, and white snow leopard print and the bottom was black. My going out look is usually overly provactive. This is just until I lose the weight and feel comfortable wearing simple, classic night-out attire that shows off my shape. Right now, I feel if you are looking at legs and chest your eyes are not focused on the middle. My sister freshly twisted my locs that day so they I wore them straight down (which I almost never do). I felt some-sort-of-way about that because of my face shape. However, my full make up featuring a smoky eye made me feel a little better. When we arrived at the event, it had a soulful late sixties/ early seventies vibe. People where literally lighting up...if you know what I mean. The atmosphere and crowd attire was a wonderful mix of bohemian and ecclectic, beautiful bold prints, and naturalist sensations. I was as out of place as the Cupid Shuffle at a Rave. Moral: research before you go to events. Don't just look at the flyer look at the people who said they're going (on facebook) and look at pictures of past events. The event overall was big funky-fun but my outfit choice was all wrong. Lesson Learned!!! I enjoy questions and comments!

Stay Fluid,


Monday, August 12, 2013


I know. I know! Shameful! I have left you guys for too long. I made promises and I didnt come through. But I am a changed woman! I am coming back to you in full effect. It is time to get off my behind and do what I love. This is a very homemade video of me taking steps to do what I love. Makeup, style, fashion the skys the limit! Please come back to me! I promise to post at least 2 times a week. Let the style be liquid! (hush just let it happen....)