Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't Call it a Come Back...

Hello My Beloved readers,

I'm posting on this gloriously sunny Spring Day to talk about my locs. I am trying a bantu knot style. I have been incorporating more 90's style elements into my look and this touches this category, natural style and afro-centric style elements. But don't call it a come back...90s style elements (whether beauty or fashion) never left in my opinion! I like the result but they turned out more like little buns than knots. I used six locs per knot and didn't need anything to secure them. It was super simple and paired with a naked eye, dark lip and huge hoops, it took me back to the 90s. I will modify them next time though so they will look more like knots!
I love styles like these because they are two in one.When I take the 'knots' down my hair will be have a nice wave. For a lazy girl like me this is wonderful! I will spend time on my make up but I am not big into complicated or time consuming hair styles. I weigh the time it takes to complete with how long the style last. This style gets meets the grade and will now be in my rotation. I will post the wave results soon!

Stay Fluid,


Lipstick: Mac Haute Couture

Princess Leah lol! 

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